Bowling. Fancy restaurants. Video arcades. It’s all so…boring. Whether you’re a family planning a winter birthday celebration, or you’re trying to wrap your head around organizing a corporate holiday party, entertainment options for large groups can feel totally uninspiring. More Than Moonwalks might not have been your first thought, but there are a ton of reasons it should be your last call.

How do I plan a winter birthday party or holiday party for my office?

Just like planning a fall party, the key is to create a schedule for each step of the process. Putting aninflatable quarterback blitz early deposit on your rentals isn’t as important as preparing your guests and getting an idea of how many people will be attending and how much space you’re going to need for your event.

Location, location, location

You might be wondering if you need to have your party outside when booking inflatables. But inflatables and interactive games can be set up inside just as easily as outside, as long as you have an inside space with enough room. If your company has a warehouse or factory floor where storage and equipment can be moved and covered, you may have a ready-made space for a fun holiday party. Going off-site you might find a local school gymnasium is available during the Christmas break, or a local church may have a space you can rent. Depending on the space you have, you should think about how many people will be attending your party, and how much room you have for equipment. Moonwalks typically have a footprint of around 15×15, while inflatable obstacle courses are a similar width, but a lot longer – up to 70 feet, and modular courses can easily reach more than 100 feet in length. While Georgia winters are relatively short, they can feel extremely cold (compared to the other nine months of the year) and severe weather like ice storms are always a possibility. The need for backup plans for unexpected weather makes a lot of organizers focus on inside events, but with a little thought, your company holiday party can be even more fun outside.

Aren’t inflatables just for kids?

When you think of inflatables you might think of bounce houses and moonwalks. But like our name says, we offer much more than moonwalks for the young and the young at heart. Interactive games like QB Blitz, Skee Ball, Soccer Darts, Warrior Jump and Soccer Pool are just some of the games for grown-ups to make your office party something your friends, family or employees talk about for months. If you want to add a seasonal touch to your festivities – like your favorite holiday characters or a special message – many inflatables and interactive games can be dressed up with banners for a small additional cost.

What about safety and company liability?

Nothing is more important to us than your guests enjoying your party safely. Families should make sure their inflatables rental provider carries insurance, while companies should run that insurance information past their legal advisor to determine if they need additional liability coverage. More Than Moonwalks provide some safety guidelines for inflatables, but we can also staff your event to make sure everyone enjoying the interactive games and inflatables stays safe. Waivers and safety advice can be found on printed signs and on the equipment. As you move into planning your winter parties and gatherings, make sure to call More Than Moonwalks on (404) 626-3904 to find out how we can help make your party the toast of the season.