It’s always a good time to make sure your bases are covered when it comes to safety.
Nothing is more important to us than your guests enjoying your party safely. More Than Moonwalks provide some safety guidelines for inflatables so everything goes smoothly during your celebration, here are some additional advice for while you’re vetting inflatables rental providers.

Liability Insurance

If something unexpected happens and someone gets hurt or property gets damaged, you or your company may be liable for those damages. Make sure your inflatables provider carries an appropriate liability insurance policy so compensation for any incidents or mishaps can be claimed against that policy – otherwise you might find yourself at risk, or even in legal jeopardy. Every year a few poorly-secured bounce houses blow across parking lots or up into the air. Not only do wayward inflatables pose a risk of physical harm to children and property, both children and adults can suffer emotional “pain and suffering.” There’s almost no limit to how much damage a single accident might cause, and if there isn’t an insurance policy to fall back on, individuals could end up being sued for damages – and that means you. Organizers should make sure their inflatables rental provider carries insurance, while companies should run that insurance information past their legal advisor to determine if they need additional liability coverage.

Do Business with a Business

Your moonwalks and inflatables rental company should be a company. While Cousin Bob might have four bounce houses and a couple of generators, unless he’s a licensed electrical contractor he probably won’t know to check that the power draw is properly balanced so you don’t blow a breaker (or cause a power outage). Doing business with a business means you can have some assurance that your rental company approaches its work professionally, and takes its responsibilities to its customers seriously. Be sure your moonwalks rental company has a business license issued by the secretary of state in your state, and any contractors it will use while working for you are licensed and insured, too.

Check the Rules for Your Venue

When you’re planning an event, check with your local county parks and recreation department to check whether inflatables are allowed in your chosen location. If you somehow manage to sneak your inflatables into an unauthorized location, you may void your liability insurance. Some locations may require you to provide a copy of your insurance certificate before you can book your event, while other places may not. While almost every location will have requirements and policies, the person you talk to when booking the space might not know exactly what they are. And even if they do, they might not enforce them consistently. As a consumer you are responsible for making sure all applicable laws and ordinances are complied with, so choose an inflatables company that has your best interests at heart. At More Than Moonwalks, we can take you through the tricky parts of organizing your event, providing everything from advice on locations to peace of mind that your inflatables were set up by a professional engineer. We’re incorporated and insured in Georgia, so you can be certain we follow every safety guideline. These regulations help us ensure the safety of every single person who uses or plays on inflatables we provide, whether they’re young or young at heart. We’re serious about the safety of our customers, so you can focus on the fun. When planning your event, remember to check into how much liability insurance your inflatables provider should carry, check that they’re incorporated and a legitimate business (not just someone’s hobby or side-gig), and investigate your venue options so you don’t get caught out by unexpected rules. As you move into planning your parties and gatherings, be sure to call More Than Moonwalks on (404) 626-3904 – we can help you make sure your party is safe and fun.