12ft Kids Water Slide
12ft Kids Water Slide 12ft Kids Water Slide 12ft Kids Water Slide 12ft Kids Water Slide

12ft Kids Water Slide


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Product Information:

Introducing our 12ft Kids Water Slide Inflatable rental, the ultimate source of splash-tastic fun for your little adventurers! This colorful and exciting water slide is tailor-made for kids aged 6 and under, ensuring a safe and thrilling experience.

**Key Features:**

1. **Vibrant Colors:** Our water slide boasts a vibrant and eye-catching design that will instantly captivate the imagination of your young ones. It's the perfect addition to any outdoor event, birthday party, or summer gathering.

2. **Safe and Easy Climbing:** We prioritize safety above all else. The slide features wide bar foot steps and large handles, making it easy for kids to climb to the top securely. Parents can rest assured knowing their children are in good hands.

3. **Gentle Splash Landing Pool:** At the base of the slide, a spacious splash landing pool awaits, providing a gentle and refreshing landing for your little daredevils. It's designed to ensure a soft and enjoyable splashdown every time.

4. **No-Step Off Reentry:** We've designed this slide with a no-step off reentry feature, ensuring that kids can easily climb back up for another thrilling ride without needing to exit and re-enter the slide. This keeps the excitement going and minimizes downtime.

5. **Perfect for Ages 6 and Under:** While older kids may crave bigger thrills, this water slide is specifically crafted for the younger crowd, aged 6 and under. It's the ideal size and speed to keep them entertained and safe simultaneously.

6. **Easy Setup and Cleanup:** Our inflatable water slide is hassle-free to set up and take down. Our team will handle the installation, ensuring everything is in perfect working order, and we'll also take care of cleanup when the fun is over.

7. **High-Quality Materials:** Safety and durability are paramount. Rest assured, our water slide is constructed from high-quality materials, meeting all safety standards for inflatable play equipment.

Make your next event a splash-tastic success with our 12ft Kids Water Slide Inflatable rental. Let the laughter and excitement of young adventurers fill the air as they slide, splash, and create lasting memories. Book today to ensure your little ones have the time of their lives!

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

23’L x 10’W x 13'H

Space Needed:

23’L x 10’W x 13'H

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