350 Gal Dunk Tank
350 Gal Dunk Tank 350 Gal Dunk Tank 350 Gal Dunk Tank 350 Gal Dunk Tank

350 Gal Dunk Tank


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Product Information:

Introducing our thrilling 350-gallon dunk tank rental—an absolute hit for parties, fundraisers, corporate events, and carnivals! Prepare for a splashing good time as participants take their aim and send their targets plummeting into the refreshing water below. Here's what you can expect from our dunk tank rental:


Our 350-gallon dunk tank is the perfect addition to your event, offering a blend of excitement and anticipation that guarantees laughter and unforgettable memories. Whether you're looking to add a competitive edge to your gathering or simply want to create a fun atmosphere, this dunk tank will deliver the entertainment you're seeking.


1. **Sturdy Construction:** Our dunk tank is built with safety in mind. It features a durable steel frame and reinforced tank walls, ensuring a secure and stable setup.

2. **Easy Setup:** Our team will handle the setup process, ensuring everything is assembled correctly and securely. You won't need to worry about the technicalities—we've got it covered.

3. **Transparent Tank:** The transparent tank allows spectators to witness the suspense as the target gradually gets soaked or unexpectedly drops into the water with a satisfying splash.

4. **Accurate Target Mechanism:** The target mechanism is designed for accuracy, making it challenging and rewarding for participants to hit the target and send their friends, colleagues, or even willing volunteers into the water.

5. **Great for Fundraising:** Turn your dunk tank into a fantastic fundraising tool by charging participants for a chance to dunk a willing participant. It's a surefire way to raise funds while creating an engaging atmosphere.

**How It Works:**

1. Participants take aim from a designated throwing line.

2. They hit a target, attempting to trigger the mechanism.

3. If successful, the target drops, plunging the participant into the water below.

**Event Ideas:**

- **Summer Parties:** Add a refreshing twist to your summer gatherings with the dunk tank's cooling effects.

- **Company Picnics:** Foster team bonding and a friendly competitive spirit at company picnics.

- **Carnivals and Fairs:** Draw crowds and create lasting memories at local events with this classic attraction.

- **Fundraisers:** Combine fun and fundraising by offering participants the chance to dunk community figures or leaders.


- **Space:** Ensure you have adequate space for the dunk tank setup, including safety buffers around the tank.

- **Water Source:** Access to a water source for filling the tank initially and for any necessary refills.

Don't miss out on the chance to add a splash of excitement to your upcoming event! Contact us today to reserve the 350-gallon dunk tank and make your event the talk of the town.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

5L x 5W x 6H

Space Needed:

5L x 5W x 6H

Product Reviews:

  • 8/22/20StephanieThe kids loved it!

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