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Product Information:

**SnoCone Machine**

Are you ready to chill out and enjoy some frosty treats at your next event? Look no further! Our SnoCone machine rental is the perfect addition to any gathering, from birthday parties and summer picnics to corporate events and fundraisers. With our easy-to-use SnoCone machine, you can create delicious and refreshing snow cones that will delight guests of all ages. Here's what you need to know:

**Rental Details:**

- Rental Fee: $50

- Minimum Rental Rate for Delivery: $150

**What's Included:**

- SnoCone Machine: Our high-quality SnoCone machine is reliable and simple to operate. It's designed to produce fluffy, ice-cold snow cones quickly and efficiently.

**Additional Supplies (Optional, not included in rental fee):**

- SnoCone Syrups: Choose from a variety of mouthwatering flavors to make your snow cones even more enticing. We offer a wide range of delicious syrups, including classics like cherry and blue raspberry, as well as unique options like tropical fruit and cotton candy.

- SnoCone Cups and Spoon Straws: To serve your SnoCones in style, we recommend our disposable cups and spoon straws. These make it easy for your guests to enjoy their icy treats without the mess.

- Ice: You'll need to provide the ice to make the snow cones. We recommend having a reliable source of ice nearby to keep the SnoCone machine running smoothly.

**How to Make SnoCones:**

1. Plug in the SnoCone machine and allow it to cool down for a few minutes.

2. Fill the machine's ice hopper with ice cubes.

3. Turn on the machine and use the included scoop to shave the ice into a fluffy snow-like texture.

4. Once you have a pile of snow, drizzle your chosen SnoCone syrup(s) over the top for a burst of flavor.

5. Insert a spoon straw or a spoon for easy eating, and enjoy your SnoCone!

**Delivery and Pickup**

Our delivery service will ensure that the SnoCone machine is delivered to your location and set up for you. After your event, we'll return to pick up the machine and any additional supplies you've rented.

**Reservation and Contact Information:**

To reserve the SnoCone machine for your event or if you have any questions, please contact us. We recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred rental date.

Cool down your event with our SnoCone machine rental and treat your guests to a sweet, icy delight they won't forget!

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