Touchdown Tug of War
Touchdown Tug of War Touchdown Tug of War Touchdown Tug of War Touchdown Tug of War

Touchdown Tug of War


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Product Information:

Introducing the Touchdown Tug of War Inflatable Rental – the ultimate interactive game with a twist that will take your event to the end zone! Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience as two opposing competitors face off in an epic bungee tug-o-war battle on our inflatable gridiron.

**Game Description:**

**Title:** Touchdown Tug of War Inflatable Rental


He's at the 10, the 5... and into the end zone – TOUCHDOWN!!! Touchdown Tug of War is one of the latest and most exciting interactive games you can have at your event. It combines the thrill of a tug-o-war with the agility and excitement of American football. With two players pitted against each other in this exhilarating challenge, each participant will need to dodge, juke, and jump past their opponent's defenders to reach the end zone and score that epic touchdown.

**Game Specifications:**

- **Rental Price:** $249 for 6 hours

- **Dimensions:**

  - Length: 38 feet

  - Width: 14 feet

  - Height: 10 feet 4 inches

**How to Play:**

1. **Team Selection:** Divide your group into two teams, each consisting of one player.

2. **Bungee Tug-O-War:** Both players will be attached to a bungee cord at the center of the inflatable gridiron. This cord adds resistance and makes it more challenging to advance towards the end zone.

3. **Dodge and Juke:** As the game begins, players must use their agility and quick thinking to dodge, juke, and outmaneuver the opposing team's defenders.

4. **Race to the End Zone:** The ultimate goal is to get past the defensive line and reach the end zone, just like in a real football game. Once a player crosses the end zone with the ball, they score a TOUCHDOWN!

5. **Celebrate:** Don't forget to celebrate your epic touchdowns with touchdown dances and victory shouts!

**Why Choose Touchdown Tug of War Inflatable Rental:**

- It's an exciting and physically engaging game suitable for all ages.

- Promotes teamwork, strategy, and agility.

- Perfect for parties, corporate events, school carnivals, and more.

- Provides endless fun and competitive spirit.

Are you ready to bring the thrill of the gridiron to your event? Book the Touchdown Tug of War Inflatable Rental today and watch as your guests battle it out for that elusive touchdown!

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