Grand Carnival Booth
Grand Carnival Booth Grand Carnival Booth Grand Carnival Booth Grand Carnival Booth

Grand Carnival Booth


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Product Information:

Introducing our Grand Carnival Booth Inflatable Rental! Step right up and bring the excitement of a carnival to your event with this vibrant and playful inflatable booth. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, company picnic, school carnival, or any special occasion, our Carnival Booth is sure to bring smiles and entertainment to your guests.


- **Colorful and Eye-catching Design:** Our Carnival Booth boasts a lively and inviting design, complete with bright colors and attention-grabbing details, making it a focal point of your event.

- **Versatile Usage:** This inflatable booth can be used for various purposes to suit your event's needs. You have the option to use it as a Concession Booth, Ticket Window, or as a standalone booth for different purposes.


- **Stand Alone Booth:** $249

  - Use the booth as a standalone attraction to enhance the atmosphere of your event.

- **Carnival Games Package:** $399

  - Upgrade your experience by choosing the Carnival Games Package, which includes the Carnival Booth and four exciting carnival games:

    1. **Hit The Bucket:** Test your accuracy by trying to toss a ball into a bucket and win a prize.

    2. **Honey Drop:** Drop a ball and see where it lands to win sweet rewards.

    3. **Ring Toss:** Aim carefully to toss rings onto pegs and win fantastic prizes.

    4. **Stand A Bottle:** Challenge your skills by trying to stand up a bottle with the help of a ring.

**Additional Information:**

- Suitable for all ages

- Inflatable booth setup and takedown included

- High-quality, safe materials

Make your event a memorable one with our Grand Carnival Booth Inflatable Rental. It's a fantastic addition for creating a fun and festive atmosphere that will leave your guests talking about your event for years to come. Reserve it today and get ready for a carnival experience like no other!

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

20’W x 8’L x 12’H

Space Needed:

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