Carnival 4 in 1 toss game
Carnival 4 in 1 toss game Carnival 4 in 1 toss game Carnival 4 in 1 toss game Carnival 4 in 1 toss game

Carnival 4 in 1 toss game


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Product Information:

The Carnival 4 in 1 Toss Game Inflatable Rental is an exciting and versatile party or event attraction that offers four interactive game panels in one inflatable structure. Here's a brief description of each game included:

1. **Axe Throw:** Participants can test their aim and precision by attempting to toss foam axes at designated targets. This game provides a safe and fun way for people to experience the thrill of axe throwing without any real danger.

2. **Batter Batter:** This game simulates a baseball hitting challenge. Players can step up to the plate and swing at soft, lightweight balls, aiming to hit specific targets or achieve the farthest distance. It's a great game for baseball enthusiasts or anyone looking to showcase their batting skills.

3. **Quarterback Throw:** Football fans will love the Quarterback Throw game. Participants can throw soft footballs at targets, aiming for accuracy and distance. It's an excellent activity for testing throwing accuracy and having friendly competitions.

4. **Toss the Tail on the Donkey:** A classic carnival game with a twist! In this version, players are blindfolded and given a tail to toss onto a large inflatable donkey target. It's a game of skill and spatial awareness, offering a fun challenge for all ages.

Key Features of the Carnival 4 in 1 Toss Game Inflatable Rental:

- **Inflatable Structure:** The game panels are integrated into a colorful and eye-catching inflatable structure, making it visually appealing and easy to set up at your event.

- **Safe and Fun:** All game components are designed with safety in mind, using soft materials and foam props to ensure that participants can enjoy the games without any risk of injury.

- **Versatile Entertainment:** With four different games, this inflatable rental provides entertainment options for a wide range of ages and interests, making it suitable for various events, from birthday parties to corporate gatherings and carnivals.

- **Competitive Fun:** The games encourage friendly competition and skill development, making them ideal for team-building activities or tournaments.

- **Easy Setup:** Our team will take care of the setup in no time!

Whether you're hosting a carnival-themed party, a school fundraiser, or a company picnic, the Carnival 4 in 1 Toss Game Inflatable Rental is sure to add excitement and entertainment to your event. It offers a variety of games that will keep your guests engaged and having a blast.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

16L x 8’W x 13H

Space Needed:

16L x 8’W x 13H

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