4 Player Slingshot
4 Player Slingshot 4 Player Slingshot 4 Player Slingshot 4 Player Slingshot

4 Player Slingshot


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Product Information:

🎉 **MoreThanMoonwalks Event Rental: 4 Player Slingshot Extravaganza!**

Turn your event into a thrilling competition with our exciting 4 Player Slingshot game! Guaranteed to bring laughter, friendly competition, and endless entertainment to your gathering.

**Game Description:**

Challenge your friends, family, or colleagues to a high-energy showdown where skill and strategy meet fun! The objective is simple: slingshot your pucks across the playing field and aim to get them to your opponent's side. But beware, time is of the essence! Be quick on your feet and strategic with your shots to secure victory.

**How to Play:**

1. Gather four players ready for a showdown.

2. Each player takes their turn to sling pucks across the board.

3. Aim for your opponent's side and watch as the excitement builds.

4. The first team to have all their pucks on the opposing side wins the round!

**Included Services:**

- **Delivery:** We'll deliver the 4 Player Slingshot game to your event location hassle-free.

- **Setup:** Our professional team will set up the game, ensuring it's ready for action.

- **Breakdown:** After the event, we'll handle the breakdown, making the whole experience seamless for you.

**Why Choose MoreThanMoonwalks:**

- Quality Equipment: Our 4 Player Slingshot game is top-notch, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

- Professional Service: From delivery to breakdown, our team is dedicated to providing excellent service.

- Competitive Pricing: Enjoy an exciting event without breaking the bank.

Make your event unforgettable with the MoreThanMoonwalks 4 Player Slingshot rental! Book now to reserve the game that will have everyone talking about your gathering for weeks to come. 🎉

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

45.00in x 45.00in x 4.00in

Space Needed:

45.00in x 45.00in x 4.00in

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